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Mental Health Watchdog Group’s “Psychiatric Drugs Create Violence & Suicide” Report —a Wakeup Call on Mass Violence

CLEARWATER, Fla., Sept. 13, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR), a mental health watchdog group founded by the Church of Scientology, says the Florida shooting ...

Source: GlobeNewswire
Published: 06 Sep 2018

Viewpoint: The cost of not caring about mental health treatment

Mental health has no visual association and yet stress kills hundreds ... If an individual develops a formal psychiatric diagnosis in adulthood, 50 percent of the time, symptoms have started manifesting before age 14. By age 24, 80 percent of the time ...

Source: The Business Journals
Published: 14 Sep 2018

Montana's first psychiatry residency program aimed at improving rural mental health care

Montana's first psychiatry residency program will launch at Billings Clinic, bringing trained psychiatric medical professionals to rural Eastern Montana. Operational costs for the program will ...

Source: Billings Gazette
Published: 06 Sep 2018

Ministry trying to remove stigma that affects mental health patients

and mental health officers, assisted by psychiatric aides. Dr Goulbourne said services can be accessed at community health centres, hospitals and there are also 24-hour emergency services ...

Published: 12 Sep 2018

High rates of stress among college students tied to mental health issues

“The college years represent a period of increased vulnerability for the development of a wide range of [mental health] challenges,” Cindy H. Liu, PhD, from the department of psychiatry, Brigham and Women's Hospital, and colleagues wrote. “Research ...

Source: Healio
Published: 13 Sep 2018

Mental Illness Is All Over TV — Here's Why That's Not Always a Good Thing

Following the emergency premature birth of her child, she wakes up in a psychiatric ward without her baby. She finds out that her father forged her mental health history to include bipolar disorder as a ploy to keep her away from her new baby. Annalise ...

Source: InStyle
Published: 13 Sep 2018

Brief Psychotherapy Improves Mental Health of Women Caring for Children with Critical Health Issues

"A lot of these women said they felt very isolated and no one would listen to them," said Catherine Batscha, D.N.P., a psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioner who provided CBT to the study participants. "Because of their child's care requirements ...

Source: Medindia
Published: 15 Sep 2018

ON MENTAL ILLNESS: Point of No Return

Concerning mental health, a chronically mentally ill individual needs to be serious about treating their brain condition. Otherwise, they are playing "Russian-Roulette" with their faculties. Unfortunately, a number of psychiatric medications have serious ...

Source: Berkeley Daily Planet
Published: 15 Sep 2018

Matt Hancock, you need to hear what happened to my daughter during a mental health crisis

In addition, the number of mental health nurses has fallen significantly, as has the number of doctors specialising in psychiatry. To then discover that you had failed to recognise this crisis and treat the lack of parity with seeming indifference has not ...

Source: The Independent
Published: 15 Sep 2018

Short-term psychotherapy improves mental health of women caring for children with chronic conditions

"A lot of these women said they felt very isolated and there was no one who would listen to them," said Catherine Batscha, D.N.P., a psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioner who provided CBT to the study participants. "Because of their child's care ...

Source: News Medical
Published: 15 Sep 2018

‘Integration of mental care and brain care is inevitable’

The integration of psychiatry and neurology — in other words ... which addresses the twin challenges of mobility and mental health that most people with neurological disability face across the lifespan, according to a release.

Published: 15 Sep 2018

Childhood Trauma Tied to Greater Social Dysfunction in Adults with Major Mental Illness

Problems with social cognitive function are a hallmark feature of major psychiatric disorders resulting ... early trauma and later deficits, mental health clinicians may be able to develop ...

Source: Psych Central
Published: 14 Sep 2018

Session to Separate Fact From Fiction on Gun Violence, Mental Health Link

Advance registration rates are now in effect for IPS: The Mental Health Services Conference. Register online at, where you will also find information about housing and the full scientific program. There are many layers to go through in ...

Published: 13 Sep 2018

Helping a Loved One Recover From Mental Illness

Mental illness can bring great ... is that there are many good options available for psychiatric disorders. One such option is the Compass Health Center, they also have options where they combine ...

Source: The Good Men Project
Published: 12 Sep 2018

NOEM: Mental health a life-and-death issue

That same legislation made advances in tele-psychiatry to better reach rural ... were included to fix the shortage of crisis mental health beds, improve the transition from one level of care ...

Source: Rapid City Journal
Published: 08 Sep 2018

What Trying To 'Have It All' Really Does To Your Mental Health

the nicest car in the neighborhood and so on — it can impact their mental health because they are playing this perpetual game of chasing things,” Dr. Prakash Masand, a psychiatrist and founder of the Centers of Psychiatric Excellence, tells SheKnows.

Source: YourTango
Published: 05 Sep 2018

Report: Oregon mental health hospital failed to stop suicide

A patient died by suicide at a troubled Portland mental health hospital two months after investigators ... "We are trying to deinstitutionalize psychiatric care in this community and treat every patient with the respect and dignity they deserve," Green ...

Source: Miami Herald
Published: 12 Sep 2018

Millcreek hospital increases number of mental-health beds

The hospital now provides 85 beds, making it the third-largest hospital provider of inpatient psychiatric care in Pennsylvania ... us to provide it following the closure of another Erie mental-health facility." Millcreek Community has increased its ...

Source: Erie Times-News
Published: 09 Sep 2018

Letter: The stigma of mental illness

There is a very real stigma attached to psychiatric medication ... Anyone who is struggling with health, physical or mental, could benefit from understanding, support and consideration. In the very least, do no harm. Be kind to people who seem different ...

Source: The Register Citizen
Published: 06 Sep 2018

County, hospital partner on teen mental health

and receive psychiatric evaluations to understand exactly what patients are going through from a biological, psychological and social point of view, according to Dr. Dan Becker, chief medical director of mental health and addiction services at El Camino.

Source: Palo Alto Weekly
Published: 05 Sep 2018

This Amount Of Weekly Exercise Could Boost Your Mental Health

A new study conducted by Yale University and the University of Oxford, published in the Lancet Psychiatry Journal, has examined what kinds of exercise – and how much of it – are likely to help your mental health. Download the all-new Microsoft News app ...

Source: Refinery29
Published: 03 Sep 2018

Recovery from mental illness and substance use

Many persons with mental illness have been ridiculed and debased, ostracized by their families and friends, have experienced periods of involuntary commitments to psychiatric facilities ... treat a wide range of mental health conditions; and must be ...

Source: Valley Morning Star
Published: 09 Sep 2018

Community needs more resources to fight mental illness

As a consumer of mental health services, I know of a critical need that requires further exploration — we need out-patient, psychiatric care in Polk County. We have some excellent psychologists who provide counseling, but often times, medication or ...

Source: Tryon Daily Bulletin
Published: 12 Sep 2018

ALM Survey on Mental Health and Substance Abuse: Big Law’s Pervasive Problem

If you’ve ever wondered what leadership in Big Law thinks about the addiction and mental health problems in the legal profession, as well as what those leaders are—or are not—doing about the issues, you are not alone. "The longer the process takes ...

Source: Law
Published: 14 Sep 2018

Is Someone You Love Struggling Mentally? Easy Ways to Check on Someone’s Mental Health

Luckily, there are a few things you can pay attention to in order to check on someone’s mental health. We’ve laid out a few situations that might signal a mental health problem, plus the best way to handle each of them. The situation: You’ve noticed ...

Source: The Cheat Sheet
Published: 15 Sep 2018

APD revamps approach to people who suffer from mental illness

According to the Department of Justice, APD’s past use of force in response to mental health calls was a cause for concern. Now, following implemented reforms, each officer receives crisis intervention training. APD Spokesperson Simon Drobik said a large ...

Source: KOB
Published: 15 Sep 2018

Killeen VFW post hosts forum on recognizing mental health problems

Research shows nearly one in every five people, or 43.8 million American adults, has a diagnosable mental health condition. Half of all lifetime mental disorders begin by age 14. In addition ...

Source: Killeen Daily Herald
Published: 12 Sep 2018

World Suicide Prevention Day: Supporting children's mental health and well-being

Today we hear from Dr. Malie Coyne, a Clinical Psychologist, and NUIG Lecturer, who is also the Mental Health Lead on A Lust for Life's Board of Directors. Dr. Coyne speaks to IrishCentral about the effects of immigration on your mental health and ...

Source: IrishCentral
Published: 10 Sep 2018

I am Latinx, and Accepting My Mental Health Was the Bravest Thing I've Done

It's no secret that in the Latinx community, mental health isn't a hot topic. Being a Puerto Rican and Dominican Latina from the South Bronx, feeling sad or depressed wasn't a thing. I was taught to be a woman warrior at all times by any means necessary.

Source: PopSugar
Published: 14 Sep 2018