Event Title: 2nd International Translational and Regenerative Medicine Conference

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2nd International Translational and Regenerative Medicine Conference
Madridge Conferences
Valencia, Spain
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15 Apr 2019
3 days
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Doctors, scientists, Researchers, Acamedicians, Students, Healthcare Professionals
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2nd International Translational and Regenerative Medicine Conference aim is to emphasize scientific and academic activities towards the advances made in rapidly emerging discipline focused on bridging technologies and discoveries in the laboratory with basic, clinical & translational research and practice. The division of Translational and Regenerative Medicine provides a collaborative facility to foster joint research activities and the exchange of ideas across multiple disciplines in order to drive medical breakthroughs and all aspects of Translational research & development of drugs/pro-drugs, their effects, effective implementation of discoveries in the dynamic field of medicine by addressing use of wide range of medical tools, therapeutics are discussed at ITMC-2019. The program will continue the very best features of previous conference’s (ITMC-2019) designed with plenary lectures, Keynote lectures, oral sessions, interactive poster presentations and symposia/workshops. Below are the multidisciplinary scientific sessions of ITMC-2019: 1. Advances in Translational & Regenerative Medicine 2. Clinical and Translational Medicine in Cancer Pharmacology 3. Biomarkers in Translational Medicine 4. Translational Stem cell Research 5. Translational studies in Vaccines & Immunology 6. Precision Medicine 7. Translational Neuroscience 8. Applications of Stem Cells in Regeneration 9. General Internal Medicine 10. Regenerative Medicine in Various Diseases 11. Tissue Engineering & Biomaterials 12. Medical Devices and Artificial Organs 13. Current Regenerative Therapies 14. Tissue Regeneration using Nanofibers/Nanotechnology 15. Anti-Aging & Rejuvenation & Replacement 16. Biomedical Engineering Techniques & Biomedicine 17. Genetic Modification of Cells and Tissues 18. Cell Therapy 19. Regenerative Medicine Market & Novel Drug discoveries 20. Disease Modeling and Drug Development 21. Cell & Bio Molecular/ Nuclear Imaging 22. Translational Medicine Therapeutics & Novel Technologies Please mail us at: itmc@madridge.com ITMC-2019 promises Sponsorship and Exhibition packages by giving opportunities for sponsors, exhibitors and media partners for various marketing opportunities available who wish to align their product/service with us and promoting their products and services. Keywords: Translational Therapeutics, Biomarkers, Novel Drug Discoveries, Precision Medicine, Medical Devices & Artificial Organs, Rejuvenation, Biomedical Engineering, Nuclear Imaging, Tissue Engineering, Translational Medicine in Cancer Pharmacology, Biomaterials, Stem cells, Regenerative Medicine, Nanofibers/Nanotechnology, Anti Aging, Biomedicine
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